USENIX 2017: TrustBase: An Architecture to Repair and Strengthen Certificate-based Authentication
Mark O’Neill, Scott Heidbrink, Scott Ruoti, Jordan Whitehead, Dan Bunker, Luke Dickinson, Travis Hendershot, Joshua Reynolds, Kent Seamons, Daniel Zappala

IEEE S&P 2018: A Tale of Two Studies: The Best and Worst of YubiKey Usability
Joshua Reynolds, Trevor Smith, Ken Reese, Luke Dickinson, Scott Ruoti, Kent Seamons

Euro-USEC 2018: A Usability Study of Secure Email Deletion
Tyler Monson, Joshua Reynolds, Trevor Smith, Daniel Zappala, Scott Ruoti, Kent Seamons

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, summa cum laude, Brigham Young University - June 2017